2020 AR War

We had over 3000 downloads

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why we made this game

Dear parents and carers, wait sorry I mean everybody,

Hello I am Sansar(in green t-shirt) and this is my brother, Oljeitu(in the blue shirt). I am 11 years old (year 6) and my brother is 9 years old (year 5) and we are the co-founders of Pixel-Ed Gaming. I am responsible for the coding and game designing and my brother is worked on the detailed graphics designing. We go to school in London Borough of Merton. Lately all schools were quarantined which meant we can’t go to school. Because how we hate this virus for ruining many lives and how sneaky the virus is because you can’t see it, we decided to make a game in augmented reality were you can exterminate the coronavirus. You just don’t sit around and play. In order to play effectively you must actively move around using your mobile device to move around to locating and firing and eliminating the viruses and dodging their incoming missiles. Also we specially embedded a reminder in the game page to wash your hands. It makes us feel better for doing something at least. The scientists are trying very hard to find a vaccination but in the meantime we can just wait for them and be safe and just play the game. We are sure that they will find a cure vaccination for the virus. Please do spread the word, stay home and be safe and protect others. Please download the game and have family fun.

Sansar.L and Oljeitu.L (co-founders of Pixel-ed Gaming)😊